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Super Aki Komatsu




Close to the heart of Koshimizu Tamako, the eccentric and fashionable Aki Komatsu, lies the secret of all her charms. The self-professed "God of Student Life" has lived up to his nickname and outshines all of the girls in the school. Only her friend Misato Komatsu can see Aki's true self, but she's never told anyone. For some time now, this quiet and very retiring student has secretly engaged in a "tantric" practice, through which she uses her inner powers to heal others. What she does not know is that for her friends and the school to survive in the future, she must share this secret with them. Aki has never let her friends into her world until now. As the future of Koshimizu Tamako hangs in the balance, Tamako's friends begin to unravel the threads of their daily lives, only to discover what it is that is truly in Aki's heart. If Tamako and her friends are to survive in the times ahead, Aki must put her life at risk, and all will fall on her shoulders. And it is at this time that Tamako realises the true nature of her friend's mission. But what does she have to do with it all? And how can she help Aki in this dramatic new situation? This powerful new novel invites the reader on a journey into a mysterious world as the three friends begin to unravel what it means to be human. The story culminates in Aki's magnificent redemption, a moment of rebirth that will have a profound effect on both Aki and her friends. Told with humour, insight and a sense of fun, the tale explores the many depths of the human heart. May 24, 2018 - Les & Larry - Hide & Seek Press Ltd - 134 pages - 36 x 21 cm First Edition: Very limited to 250 copies. The UK launch of a highly anticipated novel by the award-winning author of The Bookman's Night Out. The combination of Les and Larry's respective reading experiences and their relationship with books, plus their decades of experience, has created a lasting love of reading and a passion for sharing the joy of books. Although the hardback edition of this novel, titled Hide & Seek, is published in 2019, you can order the e-book today. This is a must-have for book lovers who have yet to discover the joys of reading and the magic of paper books. July 24, 2018 - Les & Larry - Stockier




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Super Aki Komatsu

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