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This self-published cookbook based on the popular series of pop-up noodle shops features tons of great recipes, photos and original artwork! From appetizers, handmade noodles, broths, and toppings to drink accompaniments; you can make them all from the comfort of your own home while headbanging to the Misfits. 

Punk Noodle (2nd edition): Downloadable PDF

  • The 2nd Edition Punk Noodle Cookbook is here as a downloadable PDF! Our 2nd addition includes all of our 1st edition PLUS 7 new recipes (appetizers, broths, toppings and drinks!).

  • This version is best viewed in PDF viewers/apps as a 2-page spread- it's like you *almost* have the book in your hands (it's also a version that doesn't support Jeff Bezos and offers you a beautiful viewing experience).

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